Common questions from our customers answered.

General Questions

Do you build custom sizes?

Yes, we do. We have pre-set sizes, but we can custom build just about any size. Our panels are in 4ft modules and are easily cut if required. Smallest we can make if 4ft by 4ft but the largest is whatever your situation calls for. Just send us the plan and we will gladly give you a competitive quote.

How would I install lighting in your system?

We have the easiest system on the market. Our aluminum wall and ceiling extrusions have a channel to accept 3/8 inch stainless steel bolts to attach virtually any item that requires hanging without compromising the integrity of the enclosure envelope.

Why should I choose your enclosures over others? Why not build it on site?

Our modular panels are constructed at our facility in Western Canada with only the best materials possible. In a factory setting tolerances are exact which is difficult to achieve in the field. The glues, are allowed to cure properly without slowing down the construction as it would onsite. There is no mess at your facility, as the panels and extrusions are packaged on pallets and heat wrapped for security and cleanliness.

On site work can be done as the enclosure is being constructed to speed up the process. Contractors that you would hire would have to be experienced in the building of indoor farming enclosures. We have nothing in our materials and process that can contaminate the enclosure once built. The extrusions don’t shrink as wood does and the spans are much greater than with typical wood or steel stud framing.

Using our product for the operation would give your company the best chance at passing the inspections by the local authority.

We have the only integral mounting system for the lights and other appliances you would want to hang or suspend in the room. All this is done with no piercing of the rooms envelope that could cause a route of entry for pests, spores, pollen, and bacteria.

Our FRP inside panels will withstand most chemical cleaning agents, as long as they are used appropriately.

Our system allows the user to have positive pressure in the enclosure to reduce the effect of airbourne contaminates.


Does the UV light affect the interior walls and extrusions?

All of our products are UV resistant and under normal operating conditions will not be affected. However, if you use the stick frame method and attach FRP on site, the cove and H style joining mouldings must be UV protected. Too many times we have seen the interior mouldings discolour and crack causing huge issues with the governing health officials. To repair these issues the FRP would have to be removed and the mouldings replaced, and then repeat the cycle, every time it happens.

How are the panels connected?

We use a proprietary aluminum extrusion that incorporates a slot for attachments and a U-shaped channel to accept the laminated panel. Being a factory manufactured product, the tolerances are very tight to accept the panel. Caulking can be applied to the channel as they are assembled to give the enclosure an extra seal.

How durable is the FRP board?

There are 5 different types of FRP panels. All have good characteristics, but at the end of the day they must be UV stable, chemical resistant, cannot promote growth of any mold, rot or bacteria. Our system is UL Greenguard standard GOLD rating. UL.com/GG. UL 2818.

Do the enclosed grow rooms have to be attached to the existing building?

No, they do not other than anchoring them to the floor. Our enclosures be totally free standing just like putting a box in the middle of a warehouse. If the area has no support posts the ceiling will be held up by supporting wires from the existing building. If it is not attached in anyway to the building, it could be classed as a temporary structure and can be disassembled and moved or altered.

Is there special caulking required for indoor growing operations?

Yes. there is. The caulking must be of a silicone variety that is fungus, mould and anti-microbial. Failure to use the appropriate product could cause contaminates to enter your grow area. Make sure the caulking is not affected by UV light. After all, that’s what we need to grow and if the caulking fails so could your crop.

Do I have to have insulated walls and ceilings?

The short answer is no, but if you want to control the growing environment it is a necessity. Having an insulated enclosure retains more heat and reduces energy cost. Most outdoor growing have very little control over heat other than opening a vent or having a fan blow. Insulated indoor grow rooms are very easy to control heat and humidity.

Why would I use a modular system vs stick frame?

Modular systems are much more cost effective as they are built with generally a small team of installers that can work on site faster and with less mess and debris.

About Our Process


Our enclosure systems offer a variety of customizable options to fit your specific growing needs. Send us your plan and get in contact with us so we can provide you with a competitive quote.


All of our panels are manufactured in a factory setting to ensure the highest precision and quality. Our facility is based out of Western Canada.


Our team can provide installation for all enclosures, which we highly reccommend. Our installation teams are quick, professional, and geared to get the job done.


We ship and deliver our enclosures worldwide. We pride ourselves with on time and on budget delivery and ensure the quality that leaves the factory arrives the same way on site for our customers.


Last but not least, enjoy using the best and most innovative growing environment on the market today for indoor farming. If you have any questions at all, please reach out and contact us and we will be pleased to provide you with all of the information you need about our product.



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